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Have questions? We have the answers!

Q: What is There Bingo?
A: There Bingo is a simple bingo game just like you played in since you were kid, but through our virtual world, There.com. There Bingo is brought to you by coolnet560 and EmmaJean, thanks to a Thereian by the name of Ceashure who developed the game.

Q: Is it free?
A: Yes! There Bingo is free. However, in order for you to play, you must be a current There.com premium member, and must be at the event we are hosting. To sign up for there.com please visit: http://www.there.com.

Q. How do I register to play?
A. Once a member, you must register a working email address for Bingo, Here, then you must validate that email address by clicking the link (or copy and paste) sent to you from the ThereBingo site. Neither of the host can validate it for you. if you do not find the email, please check your junk or spam folders.

Please note: This site is not created by or affiliated with Makena Technoloagies inc. or There.com.

Q: What type of browser do we use?
A: To get the full use of the game, we recommend you to use an external browser, such as: Microsoft Edge, Safari, FireFox, Opera, and Google Chrome. ThereBingo will work on There Browser since it uses Microsoft Edge as a source of browser. However; we still recommend using an external browser.

Q: Does the bingo numbers have voice call?
A: Yes, we have voice call enabled. To use the voice call, when you open your page up and grab your bingo card, on the bottom of the page be sure to click on Enable Voice.

Q: When and where can I find these Bingo events?
A: Please sign up for Bingo Maniacs group, in order for you to receive the invites. Event day, time and location will change according to our schedule. We are planning for this to be a weekly event, most likely Thursday at 9pm EST, 6 pm PST, 2 am GMT

Q: Do you give out prizes?
A: Of course! For each round winner you will receive $1,000 therebucks. We also have a Progressive Pot, which will increase each week until someone wins it. The money we receive comes from sponsors that support the event.

Q: How do I win Multiple Cards?
Great News! We have a multiple cards system set up. Read more about it here!

Q: How do I become a sponsor?
A: Easy, donate 10,000 Tbuxs! Being a sponsor is a great way to support the Bingo community, and promote yourself, your club or a location. We will come to you and host the Bingo event from there.

Please contact one of our hosts for more information.

Q: Who can I contact for for scheduling bingo?
A: For any issues please contact one our host, Susanszy on there.com.

Updated: June 2023